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Chris Phoenix


Chris has been working in the Triangle home industry for the last 13 years.  He is experienced in all areas of natural stone installations and restoration as well as kitchen remodeling, and he enjoys seeing beautifully finished projects and the satisfaction it brings our clients.

As a Real estate broker in the countertop and remodeling industries, he has been effectively communicating with satisfied clients, builders and other professionals for many years.

Chris has an eye for detail and is known for a passion to get the job done right the first time, as well as his ability to create almost anything.  You can always be sure that your kitchen is getting the best attention available when you work with Chris and any of the Phoenix Stone Solutions’ team.

He is a proud husband and father (four active boys and a sweet little girl), who loves to spend time outside with his family biking, camping and hiking.  His favorite local spots to eat are 18 Seaboard and Stanbury in downtown Raleigh.

Chris has also handled buyer and seller transactions for our clients and many others in the Triangle home market for over a decade as a licensed real estate broker.  Chris is a also a Broker with Remax United, offering our clients a unique approach to listing and purchasing homes and land.

Caroline Phoenix


Caroline has lived in the Triangle for the last 19 years and officially calls Raleigh “home”.  Surrounded by a family of real estate professionals, she has been involved in the home buying, selling and remodeling industries for quite some time.

Caroline’s vision and ability to see the big picture pairs perfectly with Chris’s dedicated ability to produce an outstanding finished product.  She is known for her unrelenting passion for information, and is committed that where the best materials or quality of service vendors isn’t available for our clients and their projects, Phoenix Stone Solutions won’t offer it.

Being a mom of five, her life is anything but boring.  In her free time she loves working out at Iron Tribe, practicing yoga, reading, cooking (and eating) deliciously healthy food and being outside in the Triangle with her active family.

Many days you can find Caroline working at locally owned coffee shops and restaurants.  Sola Coffee Café and Fresh Levant in North Raleigh and Brew Coffee Bar in DTR are her favorites.

Chris, Caroline and their family attend The Summit Church at the Brier Creek location, and they work with middle schoolers (yes, on purpose).

Kids at Videri

Our inspiration! The crew at one of our favorite downtown Raleigh spots. . . Videri Chocolate Factory!


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