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Most common remodeling questions from the Home Show this weekend!

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Phoenix Stone Booth Spring Home Show

We enjoyed seeing everyone at the Southern Ideal Spring Home Show this past weekend!  If we missed you, we would love to make time to meet with you face to face or talk over the phone this week.  

We spoke to so many wonderful people this weekend, and there were some common questions we continued to hear each day.

Here are some of most frequently asked questions from the show:


 “Is granite or quartz a better option for countertop and why?”

“Should I be sealing my countertops?”

“Is it better to reFACE or re PLACE my cabinets?”

“Since I am planning to sell my home this year, how much remodeling should I do before placing my home on the market?”

“What is the best flooring option for my kitchen?”

Watch for blog posts in the coming weeks with an “Ask an Expert” section that will help provide some great answers and discussion for these questions and more…but Don’t wait!  Respond to this post with a question of your own and let’s “get talking” now!

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